March 2016

The ‘Big Man’ Syndrome in Africa

Written by Sean Jacobs (New School, New York) and Camilla Houeland (PhD Fellow, Noragric) Why do so many African leaders overstay their welcome or break electoral rules? In the recent elections in Uganda, […]

Gender Based Violence and Justice in Liberia

Written by Shai A. Divon, Postdoctoral Researcher, Noragric and Morten Bøås, Research Professor, NUPI. In Western political thought, the statutory legal system is often seen as the only institution with […]

The best year ever?

Written by Morten Jerven, Associate Professor, Noragric When I’m in the same room as Bill Gates, the average wealth is very high – but that doesn’t help me. The year […]

Mat er ut

Norge har ikke lenger en strategi for matsikkerhet i utviklingspolitikken. Written by Ola Tveitereid Westengen, Associate Professor, Noragric Regjeringen har valgt noen hjertesaker som de ønsker Norge skal fokusere på […]

Brazil: an Emerging Southern Drone Actor

Written by Eric Cezne, Noragric Master Student (International Relations). This blog post uses the case of Brazil to reflect on how actors in the Global South now engage with drone […]