Bending, blending and breaking biases

It’s a paradox that AI developers are striving to make AI unbiased, when the key to human intelligence and creativity lies right there, in our biases. In this blog post […]

The stochastics of divergent thinking

(This is the third blog post in a series on the stochastics of human and artificial creativity. You can read the first two posts here and here) Creativity is a […]

Will Apple Siri ever shout Eureka?

Today’s smartphones surely can accomplish a lot, but is creativity within the reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Or, are the acts of creativity, like making a painting that profoundly speaks […]

How to make AI more sustainable

(Long read ~3750 words, best enjoyed with a cup of fairtrade coffee or tea. This text was originally written in Norwegian, translated to English by means of unsustainable Artificial Intelligence, […]