Bending, blending and breaking biases

It’s a paradox that AI developers are striving to make AI unbiased, when the key to human intelligence and creativity lies right there, in our biases. In this blog post […]

The stochastics of divergent thinking

(This is the third blog post in a series on the stochastics of human and artificial creativity. You can read the first two posts here and here) Creativity is a […]

Will Apple Siri ever shout Eureka?

Today’s smartphones surely can accomplish a lot, but is creativity within the reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Or, are the acts of creativity, like making a painting that profoundly speaks […]

How to make AI more sustainable

(Long read ~3750 words, best enjoyed with a cup of fairtrade coffee or tea. This text was originally written in Norwegian, translated to English by means of unsustainable Artificial Intelligence, […]

Next generation AI

Summary: AI networks may become both faster learners and potentially have moral standards by introducing internal reward systems. Recent scientific results indicate a shift in AI. Do we see a […]

The statistics of effective learning

Throughout your days in school, and maybe also in college and at the university, you have had a lot of different teachers and lecturers. Most likely you also have a […]

A mathematical view on personality

Both personality and consciousness were properties of the human psyche that were central to the thinking of Carl Jung. He observed the stability of certain personality types among people, but […]

The statistics of free will

“The one to the right”, I responded. My wife was asking me which curtains I would prefer to buy for our living room. I must admit it, I did not have […]

Be creative - use your noisy brain

“Noise” The word gives associations, like bad or loud music, or perhaps the sound of rush hour traffic.  Whatever you think of when you hear the word, it is likely […]