Brain and statistics

The statistics of free will

“The one to the right”, I responded. My wife was asking me which curtains I would prefer to buy for our living room. I must admit it, I did not have […]

Be creative - use your noisy brain

“Noise” The word gives associations, like bad or loud music, or perhaps the sound of rush hour traffic.  Whatever you think of when you hear the word, it is likely […]

Polanyi and the neural networks

I was recently introduced to the thoughts of the science philosopher and scientist Michael Polanyi by Dr. Helge Brovold. As I was reading Polanyi’s book “The tacit dimension” (1966), which I borrowed from […]

Your random attention

Are you good at multitasking? Some self-confident people may believe they are skilled multi-taskers. It is also a common saying that women are better at multi-tasking than men. They are […]

“Google-pedagogics” may be one of the reasons why children in western countries score low on mathematical tests like the PISA test. By the term ”Google pedagogics” I mean the relative […]

Metacognition and learning

  I grew up in the small city of Molde on the west-coast of Norway, and in my parents’ house there were many books, because my father is a literary […]