Today we honour our new Doctors!

Today we celebrate our new Doctors in the Doctoral Degree Ceremony at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. In the academic year 2013/2014 (including august) 94 doctors have received their degrees. Today’s ceremony is in honour of our new Doctors and their achievements and contributions to the University’s Research.

Former Minister of Education and Research 2009- 2013 and Minister of Finance (2005-2009), Kristin Halvorsen, will give the main speech at today’s ceremony. She is currently Director of Cicero Center for Climate and Environmental Research, and Head of The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.

Successfully completing and defending a doctorate degree is a great achievement, both academically and personally. It is often a long and winding road, full of hope, hurdles, surprises, parts where you feel the road is going nowhere, parts where you feel you can see your goal in the distance, parts where you feel you’re walking alone, and parts where you walk in company.

And dear New Doctors: You have all made it! You have pushed scientific boundaries, found new insights, new connections, challenged old truths. Congratulations! Know that the University is very proud that you’ve made your scientific achievements within our academic community.

Thank you for your contributions to NMBU’s research!

In today’s knowledge society, more and more candidates with advanced degrees are needed. You have what it takes to make great contributions within academia, in the industry, in the public sector or any other knowledge driven part of society. I’m certain that you will make significant contributions also in the future, either here in Norway or internationally. I wish you the best of luck on your journey from here, whether you will stay in academia or make your contributions elsewhere.

I’m looking forward to celebrating together with you today!


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