International students 2015
Here they are! A warm welcome to all the new international students!

A warm welcome to all our new international students!

Today I had the great pleasure and honour of welcoming our new international students to NMBU. What a great way to start the new academic year! We have 275 new international students, coming from all corners of the world.

At NMBU, students and staff from more than a hundred different countries and nations meet. Almost 20% of our students are international students, which is the highest percentage at any Norwegian university. This is a natural consequence of our academic profile, and our strong tradition of academic collaboration with universities all over the world. Our international Campus creates exciting cultural, professional and personal encounters. Our candidates take more than knowledge and a degree with them from NMBU. They take ideas, perspectives, inspiration, culture and friendship. And thus, ever stronger bonds between cultures and countries are created.

I hope all you new students will find that we meet your expectations, and we will work very hard to do so, both academically and socially. We wish to provide you with the best possible learning environment and make you part of our academic community of very committed staff and students. I hope you’ll make friends for life, and that this university will become part of you, just like you’re now part of us. I hope you will come and see us if you have any concerns or worries.

I wish all our new students the very best for your time here at NMBU and a warm welcome to all of you!


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