Climate Change

Winners and Losers at COP25

Well, if everything happens for a reason, then the crooked ‘P’ is representative of this conference Tomohiro Harada spent almost 2 long weeks at the Conference of the Parties (COP) […]

Mat, miljø og media

Ola Tveitereid Westengen, Førsteamanuensis, Noragric, NMBU Kjøtt og klima – og andre sammenhenger mellom mat, mennesker og miljø er i fokus i samfunnsdebatten. Norge har til og med fått en […]

Floods in Kerala - a wake-up call

In light of the devastating floods of August 2018, the state needs to introspect on its approach to development. Written by Hans Nicolai Adam, Postdoctoral Fellow, Noragric The worst floods […]

Climate change uncertainty: Mind the gap

Written by Synne Movik, Catherine Wilson & Shibaji Bose Climate change uncertainty is often considered a ‘super wicked problem’ by scientists and policymakers, and climate scientists have long strived to understand […]