Brexit: European Universities will stay together

Image: Les Echos


The British vote to leave the European Union is sending shock waves thoughout Europe and beyond. We fear the consequences and share the disappointment of the British university community. As a rector and a member of the Board of the European University Association, I’m concerned about yesterday’s British vote to leave the European Union. However, we are determined to keep the family of European universities together.

The European University Association released the following statement today:

«Despite Brexit, UK universities remain part of European family

As the UK voted to leave the European Union, EUA shares the disappointment over the result with its member UUK and the British university community. EUA is very concerned about the insecurity this causes, notably with regard to the participation of British universities in the EU funding programmes as well as the long-term consequences for European cooperation in research and education.  British universities have demonstrated a clear and common dedication to university values during the campaign leading up to the referendum. They have argued against a closed and prejudiced mindset, pushing for openness, critical thinking, and a debate based on evidence; they have set a brilliant example to the rest of the world of what university values mean. Regardless of the result of the referendum, British universities are and remain an essential part of the European family of universities, which extends beyond EU borders. This community of knowledge and learning is strong and longstanding, and it will surely overcome this crisis, although the questions and consequences of the British exit are certainly formidable. EUA will continue to work with and for British universities. The Europe of universities will not be divided!»

The EUA’s vision of Strong universities for Europe is no less relevant after yesterday’s Brexit.

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