Movie poster, Apocalypse Now (1979). Photo: flickr

Written by Paul Beaumont, PhD Fellow, Noragric. The corona crisis is not the beginning of the apocalypse but a symptom – we have been in the apocalypse for a while now. […]

Winners and Losers at COP25

Well, if everything happens for a reason, then the crooked ‘P’ is representative of this conference Tomohiro Harada spent almost 2 long weeks at the Conference of the Parties (COP) […]

Brexit Futures: Between a Model and a Martyr

The EU has good reason to hope that Brexit goes badly, writes Noragric’s Paul David Beaumont. That would continue to deter Eurosceptic parties on the continent from hardening their stance. But […]

Mat, miljø og media

Ola Tveitereid Westengen, Førsteamanuensis, Noragric, NMBU Kjøtt og klima – og andre sammenhenger mellom mat, mennesker og miljø er i fokus i samfunnsdebatten. Norge har til og med fått en […]